Our Commitment

Our Commitment

From initial research to the mass production of our medical devices, everyone working for Urgo Medical is firmly committed to the safety and efficacy of our product lines.


True to our values

We have built our success on the firm foundations of a network of researchers in all of our fields of interest, highly efficient healthcare institutions and firmly established industrial traditions.

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Our ambition to become an international champion is combined with respect for our roots and history, which guides all our strategic decisions. Our capacity to react quickly to our market needs is boosted by an extremely high level of proximity between the players involved – research & development, clinical evaluation and production – housed together at the Dijon site.

A health-economic commitment: a social challenge

The economic implications of wound healing are substantial at a worldwide level. More than 10 billion euros a year are spent in Europe alone. These costs are borne both by the community and directly by patients.

A response that matches the challenge

Committed to innovation that offers constantly better wound healing solutions, we are focused on demonstrating the cost-effectiveness of our dressings as well as their health-related requirements.

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A new dressing is only brought to market once it has successfully passed clinical and health-economic evaluation tests. Because one of the specific characteristics of Urgo Medical’s products is that patients must be accompanied in their treatment, this evaluation incorporates the total cost, including medical time and the price of the product.

As a socially-responsible company, we are proud to produce solutions that, in addition to improving patients’ lives, also generate a calculated and demonstrated benefit for the community. A clear example of this in practice is UrgoStart which accelerates healing.

Evaluations carried out by external experts

The economics of healthcare vary depending on the country and the health system in question. The different practices of healthcare personnel also affect the evaluation model. This is why we enlist the aid of specialists in this type of evaluation to help provide the ideal solutions, incorporating the concerns of public authorities and the expectations of consumers.

Urgo Medical stakes its credibility and image every time it brings a new product to market.

Efficacy, practicality for health professionals and comfort for patients

Two challenges it is possible to meet thanks to daily proximity.

Permanent partnership with healthcare professionals

The technological innovation and performance of our products can only be fully realised through the best practices of healthcare personnel. At Urgo Medical we work closely with our healthcare partners to ensure maximum wound healing efficiency together.

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  • Grass-roots experience coupled with innovation: through panels and case studies, Urgo Medical incorporates the application dimension throughout the product development cycle.
  • Training in the use of products: post-graduate training sessions, open days or symposia, we regularly offers clinicians the opportunity to benefit from additional training in the optimal use of our products and best wound care practices.
  • Listening and understanding in order to constantly improve our solutions: our Medical representatives are specifically trained and encouraged to obtain feedback from healthcare personnel.

Proximity to patients and their families

Patients and those involved in their care are also regularly consulted and thus make a valuable contribution to therapeutic innovation, particularly in terms of improving the tolerability of wound care solutions.

Urgo Medical has a number of specific websites enabling patients to understand their disease, access advice or share information, one of the most important of these is the epidermolysis bullosa website at www.epidermolysis-bullosa.com.

Last update : June 9, 2015