Our history


Urgo Medical is the medical division of Laboratoires Urgo (a French family company founded in 1880), and belongs to the VivaSanté group, which also markets brands such as Juvamine, Mercurochrome, Humex and Alvityl. The group’s objective is to double its international turnover in 5 years. Urgo Medical’s expansion outside Western Europe is supported by the group’s international network, which is reinforced by regular acquisitions.

In 2013, Urgo Medical was number 3 in the European wound healing market.

Our annual turnover was 188 million euros, 66% of which came from export.


We have great ambitions for international expansion. These include a new presence in South America, reinforcement of the European network and continued development in Asia.

As a sign of our commitment to continued innovation, we have doubled our research and development budget in the past 3 years.


Our mission

Because skin is a vital organ that is necessary for the good health and well being of all, Urgo Medical is committed to furthering knowledge on the treatment of wounds and injured tissues.

To ensure efficacy that you can see, Urgo Medical offers innovative wound care solutions that help restore a patient’s life to its pre-injured state.


Our vision

Preserving and restoring bodily integrity to ensure physical and emotional well being is a major health challenge in our society.

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Our high standards and inventiveness are driven by a determination to ensure that all their patients feel comfortable in their own skins.


Because health-economic vigilance is more important than ever before, every one of our employees champions the principles of shared, safe and accessible healthcare.

Our open-minded approach which encompasses the advice of our numerous collaborative partners has helped us become wound healing experts.

The high standards and experience of health professionals have always been pivotal to the continued improvement of our solutions. This listening culture has now been extended to include the opinions of patients and their families. This proximity leads to a relevant and highly valued product line and numerous opportunities for cross-disciplinary collaboration that result, as part of a network hinged around our research teams.


Our values



Last update : June 9, 2015